Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Paul Driessen - The End of the World in Four Seasons

This is a great animation dealing with time, decay and the nature of multiple threads of space/reality all interacting on some level.

Paul Driessen - The End of the World in Four Seasons

Click on it, you know you want to.

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Paul Shepherd's Post

Here's Paul's post that was under comments, just so everyone can actually read it.

"Dr. Itzhak Bars is a professor at USC in the physics department. There is what appears to be a lecture outline, which is currently the first result that appears on google when you search "Dr. Itzbak Bars":

Dr. Bars appears to be an expert on duality. It's hard to decipher from the rough outline, but it appears the "duality" that Dr. Bars specializes in is within time and space instead of the cliche human psychology (however, that should be apparent since Dr. Bars is in the Physics department).

Film of the week:
This is a poorly uploaded video of one of Bill Morrison's films. Bill Morrison is an experimental filmmaker who mostly deals with decaying cinema (in such a way that it could be considered animation). His most well known film is "Decasia" and he recently visited the USC Moving Image Archives in research on his next film. Enjoy.


Dr. Bars Explains Two-Time Theory

Here's another article where Dr. Bars gives us laymen (and women) an idiots overview of his theory regarding a Two-Time Universe. I thought it was particularly helpful regarding just how revolutionary his theory is and in what ways he is helping to create a unified theory of physics.


Overlord Sean. C. Cox

Friday, September 21, 2007

Basic Overview of String Theory

Here's a pretty good breakdown of the String Field Theory of our universe that is the standard scientific belief that is being expanded upon by the good doctor's new 2 Field Theory of Time.

It is from Wikipedia, but it seems fairly well constructed.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Blog Links for Weekly Topics

Here are the links for the other weeks' topics, feel free to post your thoughts.

Sept 5th – Visualizing Science and Visual Effects

Sept 12th – Documentary and Animation

Sept 19 - Visualizing Science - Art & Science

Sept 26th – Visual Effects, Stereoscopic and perception

October 3rd – Character Animation and performance, gesture kinetics, dance

October 10th – Facial gesture, emotional resonance through animation and cinema

October 17th Consciousness and sound

November 7th – Fine Art, cinema and The Virtual Window

Share your thoughts people! Show the world how smrt you are!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Information About Our Guest!

So, as you may or may not know, the guest for Week 9 is Dr. Itzhak Bars. Here are a couple of articles that cover his theories and research interests.

"Timing is Everything for Modern Physics"

"Itzhak Bars, Research Interests"

Feel free to look them over to get a better grip on what he will be talking about.