Thursday, November 29, 2007


There was an interesting Japanese animation series that came out about five years ago that was really quite spectacular. Both in its animation and in content. The story was very heavy in philosophy and science (fictional and factual). The story was really quite complex and, at times, could lose it's audience. But it always kept to very spectacular images and didn't have very much preaching (unlike most anime from the past couple of years). So, it made being lost bearable, which, in turn, evokes an certain amount creativity within the audience to fill in the gaps.

This show had one episode in particular that was a very interesting integration of factual science and fictional narrative. This was a constant theme through out the entire series, but in this particular episode, entitled "Protocol", the show jumped into an information documentary type of film (similar to something on the science channel). It explained the history of the Schumann Resonance and how it is related to a collective unconscious. The theory, originated by NYU professor Douglas Rushkoff, goes that the extremely low frequencies that radiate from the electromagnetic field of earth and the people of the earth might awaken a kind of unconscious communication with the earth and with each other if they all resonate at the same frequency.

Its kind of a mouthful, but within the show it explains it fairly simply. From there it jumps into the fiction of the story where a man continued with that theory of Douglas Rushkoff and was somehow able to connect with the Earth's ELF (extremely low frequency) and hens forth commits suicide while continuing to live within the neural network of the earth with the help of the internet (aka "the wired"). At which point he refers to himself of the God of the wired.

It is really a well constructed story in the same vein as Neil Stevenson and other cyberpunk writers. However, this is much more fascinating with it's strong integration of complex "factual" science - jumping to "artificial" science and the fictional narrative that the story tells.


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