Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Powers of Ten

Now I must admit that Quantum of Mechanics, Relative theory and String theory really leave me in the dust a lot of the time. Lots of times I find it quite frustrating because I studied lots of Post Structuralist Philosophy as an undergraduate, which, in a lot of ways, leaves people in the dust with rhetoric.

For the most part these forms of deeply theoretical sciences are either explained with the most complex forms of equations or through highly flawed analogies. And given my background in Post Structuralist Philosophy I have a hard time with the analogies and I can't even begin to understand the in depth equations.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Animation!

When I was in maybe 3rd grade I saw this film in class called Powers of Ten. It was an extremely fundamental representation of space and time in relation of Quantum Mechanics, the Theory of Relativity which all relates to String theory. The film does so in such a subtle way that even an 8 year old was able to understand the film and the way the filmmakers were able to communicate to me such astronomically theoretical concepts is quite astounding. And it was all animation. The original Rough Sketch version from 1968 was certainly much more demonstrative of relative time and space more then the 1978 version; even though the 1978 version is much more polished and nicer to look at.

I just hope that my old 3rd grade teacher is still showing that film in class, but I, unfortunately, doubt it.

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